IB Application  

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming an IB student; however, it is our professional responsibility to insure that you are fully aware of responsibilities of an IB student. The International Baccalaureate Program is a wonderful opportunity, but it does require a commitment from both you and your parents. The application may be obtained from Mr. Ackroyd's room(3312) or office (3405)or you may download it by clicking on the "Dowload Documents" link on the left. Please complete the application by February 14th and return it to Mr. Ackroyd.


For a certificate application: Students interested in one or more IB classes for certificate should ask their current relevant teacher for their recommendation.  That teacher should initial the student's course selection sheet the same as they would any other course recommendation.



For a Diploma application: Because of the signifcant commitment necessary for the Diploma program, there is an additional, but brief, application process.



_____Part I: Applicant and Parent/Guardian Information


____Part II: Response to the IB Mission Statement


_____Part III:Unofficial transcript from the High School Counseling Office


_____Part IV:Letter of Commitment from your parents

_____Part V:Three signatures of recommendation from your teachers-from three different curricular areas


There are no files available for any categories.