November 22nd, 2017

The websites are now really organized! All of the links are still here, but are sorted into subject areas. There is an * in front to show that there are lots of links there. The number in the parentheses shows how many sites there are. The sites that we use a lot are below, to help save you the time of one extra click.

Useful Links * Parent and Guardian Resources

Brain Rules
I recently finished reading the book Brain Rules, by John Medina and learned some interesting things. It has given me some ideas that I will be trying out in our classroom. This site has short videos that summarize the main points of the 12 principles explained in the book.

This stood out to me: "The best you can say is that people who appear to be good at multitasking actually have good working memories, capable of paying attention to several inputs one at a time. Here's why that matters: Studies show that a person who is interrupted takes 50 percent longer to accomplish a task. Not only that, he or she makes up to 50 percent more errors."
Math and Science
Interesting in learning more about math and science? This site give background information for you as well as links that your child can use!
Math website for Hilton Central School
This site provides information and resources for parents and guardians. You have probably heard a lot about Common Core, but what is actually true?? There are also websites for students as well!
National Association for Sport and Physical Education
Are you looking to do some physical activities with your children and tie in academic learning at the same time? This site will give you plenty of ideas for a variety of ages.
Reading and Math Help
Do you ever wonder why kids are learning what they are learning in school? Just like you, we want to prepare them for life and the world (no small order). This site can help explain more specifics things, such as, why do kids need to round? This will explain more about math and reading.
Review for State Testing
This isn't a huge priority for me, but if you want your child to review material to keep it fresh in their mind, check out this site. It is organized by grade level, so be sure to click on the correct tab. Then go into whichever topic you would like!
Rocket Science
Rocket Science celebrates the wonders of science and is a destination dedicated to bringing science to life for people of all ages! Studies show that at-home involvement can be a key element to accelerate student achievement. With It IS Rocket Science, you'll find engaging videos, interactive homework help tools, fun family activity ideas, puzzles and more.
Have you wondered if your child knows the vocabulary that they should by fourth grade? This site will share with you important vocabulary, grade level by grade level.