December 12th, 2017
Intermediate Student Sites * Mathematics

A Plus Math
Practice your multiplication skills at the same time you improve your memory with these concentration games.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Song
Tonight's going to be a good add and subtract fractions. This song makes it pretty easy!
Adding fractions
How much is 4 cookies + 6 cookies? 10 cookies! You are adding the same things together. With fractions, when you add the same size pieces together, it's pretty easy! Try this out!
Alien Angles
There are hidden aliens! Can you get the correct angle to zap them away?
Braining Camp
Think about multiplication and division of fractions in real life situations! Read the scenarios and check your own work to see ow you did!
Cool Math
This site has several math games that will certainly get you thinking!
Edu Tech Math
There are a variety of interesting games that are organized by grade level and topic. There are no accounts needed!
Elapsed Time Quiz
Read the stories and figure out the ending time for each event.
Estimation Contraption
Can your brain work like the Estimation Contraption? Well, you will need to round, add while doing mental math, and input your answer to find out. Start out on level one and go to higher levels in order.
EZ School Angles
Drag the protractor onto the angle as you line up the center spot yourself. Choose which of the three given answers is right.
First in Math
This site has a variety of activities to improve math skills. It's a highly motivating site.
Fraction Shuffle
Ready for yet another song? Adding fractions with unlike denominators is what we'll be learning in sixth grade, but some of us are excited to try it out already this year. Note - if you are looking for a song that is grammatically correct, this is not the song for you! (I just love how students are recommending links for our website! Thanks A.B.)
Fractions - Lowest to Highest
Put the fractions in order from lowest (least) to highest (greatest). When they get tricky, you can go to the testing room to make the fracttion so you can compare them by seing them.
Fractions and Improper Fractions Song
Here's a snazzy way of understanding fractions that are proper and improper.
Fractions in Our World Video
Do you wonder why you learn fractions? They are all around you in the world. Watch the video and ask how all the pictures go with fractions.
Free Training
There are several games where you need to see how well you do with angles!
There are a variety of math topics that you can explore with games.
Interactive Math Games
There are a variety of math games that target very specific math skills.
Jeopardy - Angles
Once you have learned about angles, challange some friends to a game of Jeopardy. Your answer doesn't need to be in the form of a question! Click on the correct answer when given a choice of four.
Jeopardy for Fractions
Challenge yourself or friends to fraction work! You can select addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Actaully figure out the answers instead of guessing. Remember, the answer may be an equivalent to the answer that you get!
Long Division Song
Having trouble with long division? Believe me...this song will get stuck in your head!!
Math Fact Practice
Would you like a different site for practicing you math facts? Well, you can try out this site!
Math is Fun
This site is split up into different units/topics. You will read about each topic and look at the examples to understand. At the bottom of each section are questions that you should answer to see how well you understand the information.
Math Mysteries
Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping up all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case. Come along on the journey of the Math Maven and solve the mysteries!
Math Playground
There are some interactive games to help you practice your facts and develop skills. You'll need to do some tricky mental math for some of these!
Mean, Median, and Mode song
Sometimes people get confused with these math terms. Perhaps this song will help you out!
Measuring Angles
Is using a protractor still a little tricky? This protractor spins around the vetex, so you know it's always in the corner perfectly. Make sure you line it up by clicking on the rotate button. Then read the protractor and type in your answer.
Measuring in centimeters and inches
How are you doing with measuring? In our country we often measure in inches in feet. Scientists and many other countries use the metric system. Remember: a centimeter is about the width of your finger.
Mr. Nussbaum's website
No, I don't know who Mr. Nussbaum is, but I do know that you'll like this site. Get ready for interesting and exciting games!
Number Nut
This site is organized by topics and skills. This site will give you practice with lots of different math concepts.
Order of Operations Rap and Dance
Having trouble knowing what order to do a tricky math equation? Well, listen to this rap and you'll learn it in a snap!
Perimeter and Area Spy Guys
Here's a way to learn about perimeter and area and how it applies to our real lives.
Place Value Games
There are a bunch of simple games to get your brain thinking about the meaning of digits and the places that they are put in.
Place Value Practice
This is a straight forward practice site for rounding. You will know which place to round to by looking at the underlined digit. Remember, that we estimate when we don't need the exact answer. This happens a lot in life!
You will learn the names of different flat shapes, called polygons. You will also learn how to categorize them and identify them.
There are several math games here. The baseball game will challenge you with your mental math!
Become an expert on quadrilaterals, polygons that have four sides.
Ratio Blaster
This game will help you make the connection between ratios and fractions. Thinking of equivalent fractions will help you zap the spaceships!
Ratio Game
This is a great site to introduce you to ratios. Look at the pictures and compare the amounts to write a ratio.
Roboidz - Angles
You will feel like you are on a secret mission at this site! See how accurate with understanding angles.
Rounding - Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire?
Set up like a game show, see how many rounding questions you can answer. Yes, there are life lines, just like the TV show!
Rounding Practice
This is a straight forward practicing site. It lets you know which place value to round to by underlining it. Remember, that people estimate when they don't need to know the exact answer.
Rounding Sharks
Help save the goldfish from the sharks. You will only be able to if you can round to the nearest hundred to make the sharks disappear!
Rounding to Different Place Values
This is a straight forward practice site for rounding. Be sure to read which place value to round to for each problem.
Similar and Congruent
At this site, you will read to learn the different between similar shapes (same angles, but different sized sides) and congruent shapes (exactly the same size and shape). Then, see how well you have learned the information by answering questions to check yourself.
Similar Polygons
Be your own photocopier that can enlarge and shrink the size of things. The angles are the same from one polygon to the next, but the lengths of the sides change. You are given a clue to help you figure out the mystery length. Start with level three!
Similar Triangles
This is a cool way of understanding similar triangles. You can change one triangle and it automatically changes the other triangle so it makes it similar. Remember that similar shapes have the same degrees in each corresponding angle.
Soccer Math - comparing fractions
Compare fractions in levels 2 and three of this game. Hold down the mouse and release your shot to mach up with less than, greater than, or equal to.
Teachers' Lab
On this site, you need to figure out the pattern and then prove that you understand it by solving a similar one on your own. If you think of an in/out machine, it may help you.
Are you ready to push your mathematical thinking? You will have 10 questions about each topic. Don't worry if you get stuck though. There are videos and hints. Then, once you see your score, you can go back and try again. I would highly recommend that you have some paper to do the work on so you are actually determining the answer and not just guessing. Your assignments will always be assigned on the site and I will remind you of your assignment on the homework board.
Think Math!
This part of the site is designed for fifth graders and is organized by topic and skill. There are some demonstration videos along with practice games.
Volume of complex rectangular prisms
How do you determine the volume of a complex rectangular prism? Break it apart (decompose it), figure out each one, and then add the pieces together. This instructional video will make it clear to you!
Volume Problem
Help the boy figure out which box he should bring pastries to school in!
Volume Song
Yes, this song will get stuck in your head, but it will help you remember how to figure out volume of rectangular prisms and cubes!
XP Math
There are lots of arcade style games organized by math strand.