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DASA Training Information Applicants for Certification
DASA Training Information Applicants for Certification
Effective December 31, 2013, all applicants for Certification are required to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education Law. This training is available only from a provider approved by the New York State Education Department.
Upon completion of the workshop, the provider will report your completion electronically.

After completing the workshop, check your TEACH account to see if the workshop requirement has been met. If not, please contact the provider.

To see if completion of a workshop has been added to your account:
Login to your TEACH account
Go to the homepage
Click “Account Information”.
Click “Workshops”.
Click “Go”.
In the case of persons completing New York State registered teacher education programs leading to Certification after December 30, 2013, workshop completion will not display in the workshop table on TEACH. Once a recommendation from the institution is made, the requirement will appear as “checked off”. The training is a required component of the programs, and no additional training is required.
Please note that some providers will be offering training that exceeds the six hour minimum. Also, fees vary from provider to provider.
HCSTA Human Resources Employee Link
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- APPR booklet - revised Jan 2015
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Find out more information about the Teacher of the Year Committee. You can see the finalists and if you scroll to the bottom of the site, you can get to the nomination form.
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