December 12th, 2017

Injuries and Restrictions

Elementary Schools -
Northwood, QUEST, Village

If your child has an injury and is restricted from participating in Physical Education (PE) for more than one week, the school nurse will need a note from the physician.
*Restrictions from physical education (gym class)
include restrictions at recess
The school nurse will also need a note from the physician indicating when the student is able to return to activity or full participation in PE class.
Please be sure to have your child wear appropriate footwear. 
Flip flops and "crocs" are not a safe choice for particpating in PE
or recess on the playground.

Merton Williams and High School

If your child has an injury and needs to be restricted from Physical Education or sports for more than one class, a medical note will be required.  Please bring or fax a note to the health office.  The school nurse may need another note from the physician giving clearance to return to PE or sports.