December 12th, 2017
Super Math Websites for Primary Students

Click on a link below and let the excitement begin!

A Plus Math
There are a variety of games to reinforce concepts and practice recall of facts.
Bear Blocks
Students will become more familiar with place value, paricularly with ones and tens. Children help a bear catch blocks as they tumble over the waterfall.
Counting Games
Students can work on solidifying their counting and understanding the order of numbers. Although they seem quite simple, we really need to work on counting accurately. We will play the balloons, clothes line, and gingerbread man.
Counting with Fishy
Students must accurately count the fish.
Dove Whisper
This site has language arts, math, social studies, and science all sorted by grade level activities!
Everything you Can Think Of!
This Is Mr. Young's Bouncy A website. It has academic learning for all levels organized by subject and then further refined by topic. You can do a lot of thinking while on this site!
Fun Brain
This site has some exciting activities for students to practice math and language arts skills. There is also Sudoko which helps children develop logic. There are some good "brain break" activities as well.
Math - Harcourt
There are tons of math games here. In addition to addition and subtraction, there is time, money, geometry, and more! If you have older children, there are plenty of things for them to do on this site too!
Math - ICT
There are lots of interactive math games on a variety of topics. Please do not click on the money section as it is not American currency.
Math fact practice
This site will help your child practice recalling their math facts. It is timed and calculates your child's percentage. Obviously your first grader will focus on addition and subtraction, but older siblings can practice their multiplication and division.
Math Games - BBC
There are great math games here. You can play a dart game, fill in the missing numbers on a 100 chart, and more!
Math Games - IXL
There are tons of math games here organized by topic.
Math Practice!
There are a variety of math printouts that students can do at home! Students can practice more number sense activities, addition, subtraction, and telling time!
Money Practice that's Fun!
You can learn how to be smart with money as you play these fun games!
Telling Time
Students can practice showing the right time to the hour. They can also solidify their ability to recognize clockwise and counterclockwise.
Telling Time - hour and half hour
Students compare analog clocks to digital and match the times. This is for time to the hour and half hour.
Tens and Ones
Students use tens and ones to make numbers. There's a snazzy beat to keep it interesting!
U.S. Mint
This site has games and activities about money. Students can learn how money is made. They can also learn about the newest arrivals in the 50-state quarter program.