Village Library


June 2015

Dear Village Families,

     Every summer we strongly encourage our Village students to spend some of their time reading.  As you probably know, maintaining the reading habit over the summer translates to better academic achievement when they return to school.  

     We have developed a list of titles, divided by suggested grade levels (although your child may certainly read titles above his/her grade level if they want) just to help you with some reading choices if you're stuck.  These are just some suggestions....feel free to develop your own list based on interest and availability.  The Elementary Summer Reading Lists can be found at: .

Additionally, we continue to compete in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  We have ranked #1 in this competition for the last 4 summers in New York State (and one time we actually took first place for the whole world)!  Please encourage your student to log their summer reading minutes.  Directions follow.

1. Go to

2.     In the orange box, click on "GO NOW"

3.     Click on the yellow "LOG IN" button.

3. Enter User/Screen Name and Password, press GO

4. In “My Minutes” section, press LOG MINUTES at bottom

5. Log 1 week at a time, press LOG MINUTES

In September, we crown the top 14 reader/loggers (King, Queen, Prince, Princess and 10 Royal Court).  They each receive a gift certificate to the fall bookfair!  We had a first grader win last year along with some older students, so age makes no difference!!  Have a great summer and happy reading and logging!!

  Click here to go to a printable reading log for your child/children to use to keep track of his/her reading minutes!   You can monitor our progress at  Just scroll down to the middle of the page, type in 14468 and choose our school.  It will tell you what number we rank in the world and how many minutes we have logged.  It's very exciting!!

Thanks for helping your child this school year in becoming a responsible library user and a lifelong reader!  It has been a super year and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!



Mrs. Lynch
School Librarian