December 12th, 2017

Washington DC- 2011!

WOW- In two short years students will have the opportunity to travel to Washington DC with thier teachers and classmates!  It is never to early to start planning for the trip.  Things you should consider:

1.  The trip in 2009 cost $450 per student.  Small monthly payments were accepted, but there was a payment schedule by which 1/3 was due in October, January and March.

2.  There are 3 funraising opportunities a year- and YES, 7th graders can fundraise and earn money directly toward thier trip.  Some students pay for thier trip completely through fundraising.  We typically do a chocolate/wrapping paper fundraiser before Christmas; a magazine drive in the winter; and a chocolate bar sale in the spring.  Information will be coming home with your child.

3.  There is one chaperone for every 8 students.  Students sign up in rooms of 4 in March of 8th grade.