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April 2017


Posted January 24, 2017

This message below just in from NEA (National Education Association).  You think those calls don’t make a difference? You are wrong.  Don’t rely on other members across the country, make a call and/or send an email, do your part!  It only take a few minutes (even if you know our Senator supports our message, still reach out, contact other senators as well).  Look at #3 for you Facebook fans, click on share this Facebook!!

It's working. You've sent more than 800,000 emails to senators, and called their offices more than 32,000 times, demanding that they reject Betsy DeVos' nomination to be secretary of education.


Now the Senate Education Committee has delayed their vote. Senators are being inundated with your emails and calls, and they're looking more closely at DeVos' clear and demonstrated lack of knowledge of public education, and at her concerning ethics disclosures.


If you haven't taken action yet, now is the time. If you've already contacted your senators, it's time to contact them again. Here's the plan:

Step 1: Email your senators. Keep up the drumbeat that DeVos is completely unqualified to be put in charge of our nation's schools.

Step 2: Call your senators at 1-855-882-6229. Make sure they feel the pressure in Washington and in their district offices.

Step 3: Share this post on Facebook. Spread the word that you don't want DeVos to be confirmed, and ask your friends to contact their senators, too.

Thanks for stepping up. Your voices are being heard, and you are making a huge difference. 

Posted January 14, 2017

Education unions push back on DeVos nomination as her hearing is delayed

The Senate has pushed back its confirmation hearing for education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos to Tuesday, Jan. 17. That gives us MORE TIME to send a clear message that DeVos, a billionaire fundraiser with no educational experience, is unfit and unqualified to lead our nation's schools.
Head over to the Network for Public Education (NPE) action page and make yourself heard!

Hundreds of local unions lining up for Day of Action Jan. 19

Posted January 14, 2017

NYSUT locals in every region of the state plan all kinds of walk-ins, teach-ins, rallies, workshops and protests on Jan. 19, the national day of action coordinated with the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools. In Plattsburgh, education and labor activists will gather to support public education and oppose the nomination of billionaire political donor Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education. In New York City, PSC members and community activists are camping out in front of Goldman Sachs to demonstrate that the people will resist the corporate takeover of our government.

In Cobleskill, the Foothills Area Coalition of Teachers and community organizations are networking on topics concerning public education, social health issues and community projects. You can make it whatever you want, but stand up against the agenda to dismantle public education; stand up for refugees and immigrants and the most vulnerable in our communities. You can use NYSUT "shield" posters to write your messages. Here's much more information.


January 19th has been declared a Day of Action at our National and State level. Hundreds of communities across the nation, with thousands of participants who are committed to protecting our children, our schools and our communities.

On Thursday, Jan. 19, educators will join with parents, students, labor leaders, religious leaders, civic leaders and the community in calling for every student to have access to a high-quality public education and in standing up against the political agenda. This day of action comes just one day before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration and will demonstrate to the incoming administration that any attempt to privatize, demonize, supplant or divest in public education will be met with resistance.

If you have time please go on and listen to the hearing with DeVos, and listen to what she had to say, or didn’t. DeVos was unable or unwilling to answer even the most basic questions about education policy.

For our local union, I would like everyone to wear their HCSTA apparel tomorrow 1/19, to show our support for public education, students and the community. Call your senators now! Dial 1-855-882-6229 (at end of message enter your zip code to get your senator), and tell them to reject Betsy DeVos' nomination for secretary of education.  Every phone call matters! 


Rochester - If you would like to attend here is the info below:

WHAT: Rally to Support and Protect Public Education
 The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

  Jason Cooney, President, Monroe County Federation of Teachers

Eamon Scanlon, Education Organizer, The Alliance for Quality Education/Metro Justice

Howard Mafucci, Spokesperson, Rochester Coalition for Public Education

  NYS Assembly-member Harry Bronson, District 138

  Monroe County Legislator, Jim Sheppard, District 23

  Beatriz LeBron, Democratic Leader, 25 Legislative District

  Tom Gillett, Regional Staff Director, NYSUT


WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 19, 5pm – 6pm


WHERE: School Without Walls

     480 Broadway

Rochester, NY 14607


Thank you for speaking up and taking action!


Pam Stadtmiller (HCSTA President)

Posted January 14, 2017

Register online for 'Speak Up, Stand Up, Step Up!' conference March 3-4

Register online for "Speak Up, Stand Up, Step Up: A NYSUT conference to educate, organize and mobilize around women's priorities," March 3-4 in Albany.

Organized by the NYSUT Women's Steering Committee, this major conference will address issues important to all NYSUT members, including domestic violence, retirement security, communications, political engagement and more. Participation is open to all NYSUT members, but attendance is limited to 150 people for this inaugural conference, so act now.

2015-16 HCSTA


Here are specifics around the bill passed by the Assembly : A-7307 (Nolan). Follow this link to read the bill:http://assembly.state.ny.us/Press/20150520/

We are asking senators to make sure the Senate bill matches the Assembly bill.  If they do a separate bill, APPR will remain as it now stands. Please contact your Senator and ask them to support A-7307 (Nolan

Pam Stadtmiller (Teacher/HCSTA President)


I have attached the details in a chart form given to me from Vice President Pallotta, of the Executive, Senate, and Assembly budget proposals.

In short, the Assembly and the Senate adopted one-house budget resolutions on TH, a milestone in the Executive budget process.  After looking at it the school aid finance proposals were both strong, but SUNY and CUNY state operated budgets and community college funding levels were wholly inadequate.

The Assembly rejected all anti- teacher/public school proposals in the governor’s budget as well as the punitive “performance” budget provisions for SUNY and CUNY.

The Senate took out the K-16 proposals from the budget bill, BUT did introduce them in their entirety in a standalone bill separate from the budget bills. Not sure of the specifics, but mention they will modify the executive proposals on tenure, school receivership and APPR, not clear at this time on what “modify” is.

 We have 18 days left until the budget adoption deadline.  I can’t emphasize the importance of advocacy and member involvement!  I mentioned we are a team, being the competitor I am, I challenge you to go the distance and finish strong. I hope to see you all at the Spencerport Forum on 3/19 – Thursday (5:50-6:30 Rally and following with the Forum).

 Thank you to all of you that have stepped up and taken ACTION!  Continue to contact your Senator (email and/or call), wear your buttons and stand up for public education!



Important Dates:

2/24 – 7pm MW Study Session – Urban Suburban Program

2/26 – Fairport Forum – 4:30pm – march, 5:30pm – Rally, 7pm Forum (Minerva Deland Auditorium)

(if you get there late, parking will be available at East Rochester HS to be bussed over to Minerva)


¼ Zip Performance does come in a Ladies fit – if you want that  - put your size in that column, but write in LADIES (next to performance) this comes with thumb holes.  Otherwise it will come in unisex sizing.

Aggression Jacket:  comes with a hidden hood


Remember the first order is going in this Friday so we have it for the Spencerport Forum.


Our first forum (read below) to support Public Education – February 26th.  All information is in the youtube video.  If you can attend, if you live in the Fairport community, if you have friends and family on the East side – Please ask them to attend this march, rally and forum!  Get the word out, send this to everyone you know that could attend.

The next Rally/Forum for Public Education is March 5 – Rochester City School District.

3/19 – Thursday – Mark your calendars  - West side  - Rally/Forum for Public Education – Spencerport  

I want us showing up in numbers, bring any family, friend, parent, children of your own to this one!!!!!  Our local legislatures will be there,they need to see us and hear us.  This is it, I’m asking you ALL to be there, take and make the time to be here!!!!

This is our action against Cuomo and his attack on public education, many of you have asked what can we do?  Attend!

HCSTA Members,

Just a reminder I would like you to send me your information via the link below so that I can communicate to you when necessary off school email access. There will be information that I need to pass along to you that can’t be sent through school email.

If you haven’t done this already please do so by Thursday, 2/12.  Thank you to those of you who have already given me your information.   Thank you,

Pam Stadtmiller (Teacher/HCSTA President


Click here to submit your e-mail address and cell phone number


Dear HCSTA Member:


Gov. Cuomo has made things much more difficult for public education and the teaching profession, if his proposals gets passed.  The next 7 weeks is vital for us to fight back and be heard and make a change to his agenda. It is important for you to attend the building association meetings to get the information from your building representative that I have given them, some of which is not communicated through emails/websites. Starting this week, we are asking you as members to take action, there are 12 things that you can do and the specifics will be shared with you at your meeting tomorrow.   As you are aware there has been a great deal of communication(articles, video’s, petitions, etc.) that continue to be shared with you.  We currently have 3 forms of social media communication – HCSTA website, HCSTA Facebook and AFT website (see below):





Local presidents in the area have discussed the need not only for us to have other districts social media links, but also to have our own members home emails (for private/union communications).  On our HCSTA website we are starting to upload other districts social media sites for you to view.

Please provide HCSTA with your home e-mail address and cell phone number. We would like to be able to communicate with members directly off of school district e-mail. Having a means to communicate with members off district e-mail is especially important for contract negotiations and political action alerts. Your information will only be accessible by me and will not be sharedPlease do this ASAP.


Click here to submit your e-mail address and cell phone number


Now is the time to ACT and REACH out to as many people as you can!