November 22nd, 2017



The following was written by some of my students regarding how they feel about the handheld computers and how the handheld computers have helped them. 


The handheld device that Mr. Cring gave us is a good thing.  The reason why I enjoy the handheld is because you can store things and beam things in no time.  An example is if I had an appointment with my doctor or what ever then the next day I can ask for him to beam the stuff that I missed when I was out so I don’t fall behind in class, another thing is that if I had something to do then I could put and store it in my calendar and put an alarm with it so it would go off to remind me what it was…


…The handheld I have now has helped me be more organized and how to plan a day out.  I think if I didn’t have this device then I think it would of took me more time to figure out that being organized is a great skill to have in life… …I have to say that having this handheld device has changed my life for the better.  My opinion on the handhelds, “I think everyone should have one it’s a great device to have.  I think I may get one in the future for myself! 


                                                                                                              A Student in Mr. Cring’s class

The Palm Pilot has helped me excel in school, and also in my personal life many more ways than one.  All of the programs are very useful on the Palm Pilot…


I have been able to take home school assignments and attach a keyboard up to it and type out  worksheets that I owe.  It also has a calendar that I use to store an tell it to remind me of appointments I have, and reminders of something important.  I have some games on my Palm Pilot so when I get really bored I play some of them to pass time.  When I go to college it will come in handy to remember measurements and other things that will be important in my class.  It has the time and date, and lots of other functions you can download off the internet, you can find them free or sometimes you have to pay for new programs. 


Inconclusion the Palm Pilot is a very handy tool to have for school, home, work, or anywhere.  It has helped me a lot in school by being able to catch up in my classes.  It has helped me at home by remembering phone numbers and playing games when I’m bored.  There are many more uses for the Palm Pilot and I know I will purchase one before I go to college to help me get through that. 


                                                                                                              A student in Mr. Cring’s class

Palm Pilots have influenced my life in many ways such as getting organized and many more ways that I am going to talk about to you.  When I got my Palm Pilot it was the most interesting thing I ever got because I could keep my schedule in it.  Once I got my schedule in it I was always on time to class which is a very good thing.  Another would be writing down my dates for that week and the month… One other thing I can think of is when I’m in Geometry I need a calculator and thanks to a Palm Pilot I didn’t need to borrow one from a friend which is pretty cool to me.  Organizational wise this has helped me with keeping track of my homework so when I forgot my assignment book my Palm had the assignment in there for me which was really great for me.  Once we get new Palm Pilots I would be able to do a lot more stuff then I do with my Palm Pilot now.  One thing I appreciate is the keyboard for the Palm Pilot because I can type stuff in my Palm and I wouldn’t have to use the graffiti tool.  What would be better would be a Palm Pilot with a built in keyboard because it would be a lot easier to type with a Palm that has a built in keyboard. 


                                                                                                              A student in Mr. Cring’s class