Hilton Central School Teachers Association

If it's September 19th...

81 days without a contract.

HCSTA     2017-18

This year is an important one to get involved so we can support each other. This will help us to best support our kids.

Get ready for the parade!! Teachers are gathering together around 5:00/5:15pm on Friday, September 22nd. Show how we support each other and are here for our students. WE WANT AS MANY MEMBERS AS POSSIBLE! Wear HCSTA apparel (or Hilton clothing).


Join the Social Justice Committee for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on October 15, 2017.
The team is HCSTA and the organization is NYSUT.
We also have shirts designed for the event at https://shop.cancer.org/index.php/strides-dri-fit-long-sleeve-596ba83bf17fa-596ba9374b29d-663.html?invite  If you purchase a shirt (not mandatory) it is shipped to your house.

Do you know what the Constitutional Convention talk is all about? November 7th is fast approaching! Click here to learn more.

Your action in the PRESENT has a huge impact on the FUTURE.


Member Benefits - September 2017

Have you had your financial check-up??

Click to enlarge.

These will be kept in the NYSUT Member Benefits tab to the left so you can refer back to them throughout the year.

Those from last year can be found there as well.

Our site should be able to provide you with the Teachers' Association information that you are looking for. Private information will continue to be sent to your home email. Here are the most recent updates:

- Updated officers, building reps, committee chairs and building offices for 2017 - 2018 in tabs to the left. **We still need reps for some positions at the high school, MW, and Village.

- A new tab, Retirement Delegate Information, has been added. New info includes:

            - abandoned funds!

            - Limits on Reportable Compensation used in Benefit Calculations

- Under the Links tab to the left, you can connect into Hilton's Human Resources Information: 

- NYS Retired Teachers' Association Advance Study in an Educational Field Grant Application 2017 
- Teacher Seniority 2016-17 
- Request for Transfer - Certified 
- Request for Paid Leave Time for Approved Medical Screening 
- Out of District Conference Flow Char 
- Medical Disability Leave Form 
- APPR booklet - revised Jan 2015 
- Application for Intramural Program 
- Request for Out of District Conference Attendance

Not so new, but important information

Be sure to submit your reflection to your walkthrough within five work days. The Danielson rubric and reflection submission are done through www.mylearningplan.com

Important Documents has: What is APPR (from Barb), our contract, and information about TEACH registration

Is your birthday this month?? Happy birthday! And now... be sure to use this link to TEACH website

Check out NYSUT's unclaimed funds page to see if anyone you know is owed money! https://secure.nystrs.org/unclaimedFunds/UnclaimedFunds.aspx

In the works: We are working on a Teachers Sell/Give to Teachers where teachers in our district can give/sell their personal items. We may make a link to a shared document or classroom so it is easier to manage and include photos. If you know of an easy way, please pass it on to K Craney.

Photo Collection
Goal - Have each building submit 50 quality photos with HCSTA members in them from 2016-2017 school year. The official contest is over, but it's not to late to submit photos.

Here are the specifics:
  • * Photograph member(s) of HCSTA involved in district related things: instruction, coaching, conducting, leading events, participating in functions, organizing a fundraiser, receiving a reward, volunteering, etc.

  • * Please only one photo per event (Ex. 1 photo from March Madness, or 1 from Empty Bowls, or 1 from a particular science lesson)

  • * Name your photo by telling what it is of.

  • * Drop your photo in the shared Google Drive. Each building has their own folder. (You may need to request access first. I will approve any requests by the end of each work day. If that doesn't work, pop an email to K Craney and you will get your personal access to the folder via an email.)

Are you aware of something that you think our members would benefit from knowing? This includes great things that our members are doing! Please email K Craney to have it added to our site.