November 24th, 2017

This is what we will be studying for the next two years....

Intoduction to Spanish

Alphabet, Colors, Numbers 0-100
Months, Seasons
Greetings and Salutations

Personal Identification (Personal ID)

Nationalities and biographical information, Physical Characteristics and personality traits (adjectives to describe self and others), common activities, expressions and expressing "likes" and "dislikes"


Class subjects, items used in and around school, activities done in and around school, expressions and describing people and things in and around school. 

Family Life

Family members, celebrations with Family, activities done with family and friends, expressions, describing family members.  In this Unit of study you will also begin to learn about subject pronouns, -AR verbs and how to conjugate them. 

House and Home

Rooms in a house and parts of the house, appliances and furniture in a house, activities done in and around the house, describing the house, rooms of the house and things in and around the house.

Sports and Leisure

Movies and television, actors, actresses, sports and athletes, games, activities and interests that are done during free or leisure time, expressing favorites and describing activities and people.

Weather and Physical Environment

Climate and weather, seasons and months, activities, weather specific expressions, physical land features and geography, as well as Fahrenheit vs Celcius (or centigrade)

Health and Wellness

Body parts, expressing how one is feeling, expressing feelings at a doctor's office

Community and Neighborhood

Places found within a city or a town, modes of transportation, adjectives to describe places where you live or visit or would like to visit, Prepositions of location, giving and recieving directions

Earning a Living

Professions and what people do in each as well as describing professions and the charateristics and traits people need in order to do each job


Place setting (how to set a table), meals that occur throughout a day and when, vegetables, fruits, drinks, foods in general, restaurants, adjectives describing foods and restaurants, verbs to tell what you do during mealtime.

Shopping and Clothing

Ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc), clothing, colors, specialty stores and things in a store, describing stores and clothing


Spanish speaking countries and cities, modes of transportions, climates of different areas, things found in an airport, train station, bus station, etc. 


Verbs and Grammar

Present tense conjugations of regular -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs

Preterite tense conjugatins of regular -Ar, -ER and -IR verbs

Some irregular verbs in the present tense such as but not limited to Ser, estar, querer, tener, venir, ir, hacer, stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, etc.

Direct Object Pronouns

Expressions with verbs

Simple Future Tense (Ir+A+infinitive)


WOW.  Mucho información.