November 22nd, 2017

Technology is all around us; and we can’t predict what that technology will look like, as it changes far too fast. We do know that the students who have the ability to use technology will have far more opportunities than those who cannot use technology. Our job as educators should be to give students the knowledge and skills they need to adapt to and use technology.


During the summer of 2003 I started researching the possibilities of using handheld computers in schools. I found many useful sites and information that helped me. One site I found most useful was Tony Vincent's website . His site has a lot of useful information about managing and using handheld computers in an elementary classroom. My hope is that this site can provide some ideas and information about using handheld computers in a high school setting.


I had used a handheld computer for several years in combination with Microsoft Outlook to keep myself organized. I had also used desktop computers with my students for many years; but had never used handheld computers with my students. During the summer of 2003 I realized that what we once called "palm pilots" were now really handheld computers. The technology now allowed us to accomplish nearly 95% of what we used the desktop computer for with a small handheld computer. My students would be able to take the computer to their work, instead of bringing their work to the computer. This means they can bring the handheld computer home if they do not have a computer at home, they can bring the handheld computer to the library and hot sync the information as opposed to taking notes on note cards and retyping their information.


Having these handheld computers meant that I would finally be able to accomplish one of my long held goals, which was to provide all of my students with a computer and achieve 1:1 computing.