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Sports Season Tickets - Season tickets for athletic events are sold through the Athletic Office in the High School or at the gate. Adult season tickets are $15 and student season tickets are $7.50. Both passes permit admittance to all HOME games. (Tickets may not be used for admission to Section V games.) Admission to individual games is $2 for adults and $1 for students at the gate. Section V tickets are $4 per person. Hilton School District residents age 55 or older may apply for a Golden Age Pass (GAP) for free entrance to home sporting events by calling (585)392-1000, ext. 7044. Proof of age is required. 


Never Forgotten.

The Champion Within

Champions are made when you believe in the possibility of the perfect team.
When you believe in the flyer even though she's fallen before.
When you believe in the base even though she's faltered before.
When you believe in the tumblers even though they've stumbled before.
When you believe in the back tucks even though they've crashed before.
When you believe in the routine even though it's fallen short before.
When you believe in the girl beside you and yourself even though you've failed before.
Believing in each other and yourself reveals the Champion within.

By Tami Romeis


Always In Our Hearts
H.C. B.G. M.M. S.M. K.S