July 30th, 2015

Ashley Foster

Students with last names A-B and W-Z and

8:1:1 & 12:1:1 students

392-1000 x2051

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Gina Spiotta
Students with last names C-F 

392-1000 x2050

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Laura Malta

Laura Malta
Students with last names G-Le

392-1000 x2048

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Mark Palumbo

Mark Palumbo
Students with last names Li-Q

392-1000 x2056
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SchoolCenter Picture  Alex Clark
   Students with last names R-V

   392-1000 x2047
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Bonnie Niver
Student Information Specialist 

392-1000 x2053
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Bonnie Chiella

Bonnie Chiella
College and Career Secretary

392-1000 x2058
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Marilynn Kundrata
Counseling Office Secretary 

392-1000 x2240
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Hilton High School
400 East Avenue
Hilton, NY 14468