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They Won't Be Buffaloed-Sabers Drawn!

A backlash has quickly mounted to the Buffalo School Board majority's "rammed-through" request last week that the state allow an unprecedented extra round of charter school porposals for the takeover of struggling city public schools.

More than 150 NYSUT members, community activists, parents, students and politicians stood near the steps of City Hall chanting and wearing signs with words, "Buffalo Public Schools YES!  Charter Schools NO!

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Election Support Needed- Let's Get Out the Vote!!

Come out and help HCSTA make phone calls for local candidates that support our students!!  Issues that are vital to our classroom must be corrected and legislators need to make those changes.  

Meet us at the Rochester NYSUT offices on Thursday,October 30th from 5-8pm to assist in an important phone drive.  You don't need to know details about the issues, scripts are supplied.  Please call Virginia Errico-Bourji at ext. 2349 to let her know you intend to help!  Wear your HCSTA t-shirt for solidarity!  

Who Do We Endorse??  NYSUT Supports:

Statewide Offices:

Governor- No endorsement!!!  (NYSUT and NYS AFL-CIO)

**Comptroller- Thomas DiNapoli (D-WR-I) Incumbent

** Attorney General- Eric Schneiderman (D-WF-I) Incumbent

Senate District:

SD 54 Michael Nozzolio (R-C-I)

SD 55 Ted O'Brien (D-WF) Incumbent

SD 56 Joseph Robach (R-C-I)

SD 57 Catherine Young (R-C-I)

SD 58 Thomas O'Mara (R-C-I)

SD 59 no endorsement

SD 61 Elaine Altman (D-WF)


AD 131 Brian  Kolb (R-C)

AD 132 Phillip Palmesano (R-C-I)

AD 133 No endorsement

AD 134 No endorsement

AD 135 Mark Johns (R-WF-C) Incombent

AD 136 Joseph Morelle (D-I)

AD 137 No endorsement

AD 138 Harry Bronson (D-WF-I) Incombent


CD 23 Martha Robertson (D-WF)

CD 24 Dan Maffei, Incumbent

CD 25 Louise Slaughter, Incumbent

CD 27 No endorsement

Get in On the Good Food:

The Good Food Collective is a year-round program providing individuals and families with access to this area's best local, sustainable food.  The Good Food Collective is a project of Headwater Foods, a Community Food Enterprise creating a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area.  They are committed to joining with others and working towards a more socially and environmentally just food system and the individual, social, economic and ecological health of our community.  

Sales of the Good Food Collective's fall share have been extended until Tuesday!  If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Thornton at Northwood, ext. 4516.




What is SWS?

Stand With Spencerport (SWS) began when teachers at Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, NY, spoke out about the confdentiality agreements they were required to sign by the State Education Department (SED) when administering and scoring the 2014 Grades 3--8 ELA and Math exams.  In an April 2014 petition mailed to Governor Cuomo, Commissioner King, Chancellor Tisch, and the Board of Regents, the teachers at Cosgrove voiced their frustrations that the gag-order was absurd, offensive, and misaligned with best teaching practices.

What Gag-Order?

Annual testing in ELA and Math for students in Grades 3--8 is nothing new...  However, in the past, educators could use state exams to inform and improve district curriculum and classroom instruction.  In 2014, teachers and administrators were required to sign confidentiality agreements barring them from discussing anything about the assessments with their colleagues, with students, or with parents.  Here is a summary:

  • Students in third through eighth grade sat for six days of testing- three days in ELA and three days in math.
  • Districts hired substitute teachers while classroom teachers spent several days scoring each exam.
  • Educators who discussed anything- questions, student responses, rubrics, etc. -- would be violating a policy that threatened to revoke their teaching license in NYS.
Are SWS Educators Against Testing? 
Absolutely not.  As educators, we rely on assessments to tell us what our students know and what they are able to do.  Teachers use assessment results to plan and guide our instruction.  Principals use assessment results to determine overall areas of success and weakness.  Administered and scored under a gag-order, the 2014 Math and ELA exams do not fulfill any of the above purposes of assessment.  
Visit their website to learn more!

Ted O'Brien

Union Members Make a Difference!!

Join fellow members for a labor walk out of Ted O'Brien's house:

120 Thurlow Avenue, Rochester, NY  14609


Saturdays at 9:30 am

  • October 4
  • October 18
  • October 25
  • November 1

Find out more about Ted O'Brien's platform in the Elections file under important documents. 

This is a very tough race and HCSTA needs you to support Ted! 

A MOOT COURT HEARING (and public discussion) 

"Is the Common Core Good for Public Schools?"

Tuesday September 23, 7:00 pm, East High School Forum Room

FREE & Open to the public!

Part of "A Community-Wide Discussion of Issues in Public Education" Project sponsored in part by Writers & Books, University of Roichester, Roberts Wesleyan College, Nazareth College, Rochester Teachers Association and Coalition for Justice in Education. 

A wide variety of key education figures in the Rochester area will be present.


The Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Police Locust Club have established the Officer Pierson Memorial Fund. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so at their authorized site.

If you would like to send a card or letter to the family of Officer Pierson, please send them to:

The Family of Officer Daryl Pierson
c/o The Rochester Police Locust Club, Inc.
1425 Lexington Avenue
Rochester, New York 14606


Making Strides Volunteers Needed!

Join fellow NYSUT members in the fight against breast cancer on Sunday, Oct 19th, 10 at Frontier Field!  Just a few hours of your time will make a big difference!   See Martha Burke at the high school for further details or visit the Hilton Team (Hilton Central TA) website to donate!!