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Andy, are you serious??

Educators are OUTRAGED!


Cuomo has planned a calculated assault on education!  He wants to gut education to the very core.  Is this the answer to improving education? If Cuomo has his way, it will shake NY state to its very core!  The damage to society as a whole will be irreparable!  Andy, are you serious??

Read the details of Cuomo's proposal- if you are not alarmed, you are NOT paying attention! We must start taking action NOW!  




Cuomo's Endgame for Breaking the Teachers Union and Dismantling New York State's Public School System

Take the time to read this excellent letter as education IS under attack!  Be sure to read the blog responses which follow.  You will find it informative and motivating!  Do not passively allow education in New York to be dismantled!




An Important Message from HCSTA President Pam Stadtmiller

I feel that it is crucial and my job to keep you informed at such a tumultuous time in public education. Below I have included specific articles and video’s in case you haven’t seen them.

As some of you may already know, Governor Cuomo declared war on public education and teachers yesterday in his State of the State address.  During his re-election campaign, the Governor referred to public education as a monopoly that needed to be broken up. Yesterday, as he rolled out his "2015 Opportunity Agenda," he made good on both his rhetoric and his plan. While the attacks he rolled out may appear to be proposed, he will push their implementation through the NYS budget process. This  makes it very difficult for lawmakers that value public education to oppose these proposals.  

In a letter dated December 18, the Governor, through his Director of State Operations,  asked the Chancellor of the Board of Regents, Marryl Tisch, and the outgoing Commissioner of Education, John King, to support his education agenda. In this letter, he spoke of using his power in the state budget process to force changes that would include a new APPR law, revisions to the tenure law, the 3020-a process, and an increase in charter schools. As I pointed out previously, he has also added an attack on teacher pensions

Yesterday, the Governor announced that a new APPR would be implemented. This new evaluation system would replace the current system which was developed through the collective bargaining process just a few short years ago. He referred to our current APPR as "baloney." This new system will be comprised of two sections. The first part would make state tests worth 50% of our evaluation and the second part would be based entirely on observations. A state-wide system will be put into place that would mandate the dismissal of a teacher that receives two consecutive "ineffective ratings." The APPR system that the HCSTA negotiated with our district and which we are currently revising will be replaced by this system.

The Governor went on to announce that there will be a longer probationary period for teachers prior to the granting of tenure. The probationary period will be extended from three to five years and teachers will be required go through a re-certification process every several years.

He has also called for raising the state's cap on charter schools from 460 to 560. As you know, these are publically funded schools that are privately run. They drain needed funds from our public schools and they don't have the oversight and scrutiny that public schools have to endure. In fact, they have no oversight at all!

HCSTA colleagues, the time to take action is NOW! Please start by subscribing to the NYSUT Member Action Center (MAC). This will provide you with access to up-to-date information on action being taken state-wide and how you can help. It also includes ways you can help perpetuate the conversation using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please join me by subscribing to the MAC and by downloading the MAC App for your Android or iPhone. Using the App or Web-Based services, you can object to mandatory field testing, support our coalition partner NYSAPE's objection to the Governor's misguided education agenda, and watch NYSUT's new TV ad.

We have Regional officers traveling to Albany this weekend to work with other leaders from around the state on strategies to combat these attacks. On January 28, Matt D’Augustine, Dom Maiorano, Virginia Ericco-Bouji, Aggie Seneway (community liaison) and I, will be attending a meeting with other local leaders to continue working on the implementation of these strategies. One of the strategies that has already been discussed and agreed to is to hold two local forums in Monroe County in February and/or March. We will be inviting Governor Cuomo and our local legislators to these forums. I will provide you with the details of these forums as soon as they are scheduled and hope you can attend and join us.

The time to stand up to the Governor is NOW! The time to defend our rights as educators is NOW! The time to stand up for students is NOW! Please help me send the message that blaming teachers for failures in education and in the education system is not productive! Together we can create a better future for our students, but the Governor's agenda of continuing and strengthening a top-down assessment-based model of education that places the blame soley on teachers is not the way!

Please take the time to get informed as this will affect each and every one of us.x





New Yorkers Call for an Immediate Independent Investigation of Governor Cuomo

for Unconstitutional Interference in Education Policy &

Violations of NY State Public Officer Ethics Law


Governor Andrew Cuomo will address New Yorkers today in his State of the State address which will reveal his education reform agenda, an agenda which amounts to an unconstitutional attempt to seize power and interfere with education policy in New York State.


New Yorkers across the state are rising up to show their dissatisfaction with the Governor’s misguided education agenda, including NYSAPE’s advocacy campaign that generated over a quarter of a million letters to Albany.


In the months leading up to today’s address, Cuomo has made it clear his agenda, and that of his backers, is to assume control of education in New York, going so far as to call local control of democratically governed schools a "monopoly" that must be broken up.  The governor has also vowed to expand the growth of privately owned and operated charter schools, schools that are not beholden to public oversight.


In response, New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) calls for an independent investigation of Cuomo’s interference with education policy, violations of NYS Public Officer Ethics Law, and failure to uphold his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the State of New York.


Governor Does Not Have Oversight of Education Under NYS Constitution:  Attempts to Direct Education Agenda Tied to Budget is Unconstitutional

 CLICK HERE to continue reading about the Call to Investigate Governor Cuomo! 






DEMAND the NYS Legislature and the Board of Regents stop the anti-public school agenda of the Governor and Chancellor.  NYS Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE), a coalition of 50 parent and educator groups statewide, has sent a letter to Governor Cuomo, responding to the questions posed in his December 18th letter to Chancellor Tisch. 
NYSAPE's letter uses facts and research to challenge the Cuomo/Tisch reform agenda. NYSAPE advocates for education policies that have been proven to work, based on evidence and experience.


Mark your calendars for some Basketball fun on Friday, March 6 at Hilton High School.

Our 3 elementary schools will be playing basketball against each other for a good cause!

Come watch your school team and have some fun with foul shots for our fans at half-time, pizza and candy sales.

 All proceeds go to Scholarships for Hilton graduating seniors majoring in education.

Sponsored by the HCSTA Scholarship Committee.

Watch for fliers with more information coming to your school soon!

Please remember that it is imperative to attend your building union meeting this month.

Your input is valued!!  

 Check out this memo from the President of Buffalo Teacher's Association to Commissionor King.  BTF calls a  Cuomo administration letter "An insulting correspondence reflecting an abysmal and chilling lack of knowledge."  Read on for details!


New membership cards to be mailed soon

Members of NYSUT local unions will receive new NYSUT membership cards by mail at their home address shortly. These valuable cards come with a new feature this year: a miniature version for a key ring that lets members conveniently access benefits and discounts, as well as streamlined check in to local and statewide union events.

The mailing includes a letter from President Karen Magee explaining the benefits, and responsibilities, of union membership. It also includes a brief guide to "what membership means to you" and details of the broad and growing array of NYSUT Member Benefits. 

Payroll Changes Due to Benefit Decrease

Starting in January 2015, the District will pay the dollar equivalent of 88% of the Blue Point 2 Value Plan toward your medical premium.  Your contribution will increase by 2% (from 10% to 12%).  The table below illustrates the change in withholdings for your medical premiums on a bi-weekly and annual basis.  The following are a few examples to help you better understand the impact of the changes.  Please note:  those moving to Simply Blue HDHP will not be paying anything toward their premium, however you will be obligated to pay all of your medical bills up to the deductible limit.  If you have chosen this plan please let Wendy know if you have any questions.

 Employee #1:  Enrolled in a Family Value Plan in 2014 and plans on staying in a Family Value Plan in 2015

 The employee currently pays $77.26 per pay period in 2014, the rate will increase to $97.26 per pay period in 2015, a difference of $20 per pay or $400 annually ($20 per pay for 20 pay periods)

 Employee #2:  Enrolled in Family Select Plan in 2014 but switches to Family Value Plan in 2015

 The employee currently pays $156.28 per pay period in 2014, the rate will be $97.26 per pay period in 2015, a difference of -$59.02 per pay or a savings of $1,180.40 per year ($-59.02 for 20 pay periods)

 Employee #3:  Enrolled in Single Value Plan in 2014 and plans on staying in a Single Value Plan in 2015

 The employee currently pays $29.15 per pay period in 2015, the rate will increase to $36.70 per pay period in 2015, a difference of $7.55 per pay or $151 annually ($7.55 per pay for 20 pay periods) 

Enrolled in Select in 2014 and staying in Select in 2015




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)

Difference Annually
















Family No Spouse






Enrolled in Select in 2014 and moving to Value in 2015




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)

Difference Annually
















Family No Spouse






Enrolled in Value in 2014 and staying in Value in 2015




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)

Difference Annually
















Family No Spouse






Enrolled in Select in 2014 and moving to Simply Blue HDHP in 2015




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)

Difference Annually
















Family No Spouse






Enrolled in Value in 2014 and moving to Simply Blue HDHP in 2015




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)

Difference Annually
















Family No Spouse






Major Medical




Difference Bi-Weekly
(over 20 pays)














View an update from your NYSUT Leadership!

NYSUT Leadership changed six months ago.  See the link above for details on current NYSUT progress.


HCSTA Member Kittlinger Awarded the Channel Eight Golden Apple Award!

HCSTA Member and Kindergarten Teacher Kathy Kittlinger received the prestigious Golden Apple Award on Friday, December 12th from News Eight Anchor Kevin Dornan!  Kathy was nominated for the Golden Apple by student Alana Neri. Kathy commented, "I had Alana Neri last year in Kindergarten.  The way that I have always described her is a GEM!!! She is very inquisitive and personable for her age.  She has a lot of feeling and is always brightening everyone’s day with her enthusiasm and spirit.  She can read aloud like a teacher and shows her emotion and expression in everything that she does."  To see the smile on Alana's face, it is obvious the feeling is mutual!

Congratulations to Kathy for being officially recognized as a caring professional by her students and the Greater Rochester Community.

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Proposed Capital Project

 On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will be seeking voter approval for capital improvements to its main campus on Big Ridge Road in Spencerport. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES serves students from the Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates Chili, Greece, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport, and Wheatland-Chili school districts.

 The proposed $29-million project is the first of its kind for Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES in its nearly 60-year history.  The project work will improve building infrastructure, upgrade technology in classrooms to support quality instruction aligned to career preparation for students, accommodate student enrollment increases and continuing program expansion, increase capacity for professional development, improve security measures, reconfigure traffic flow on the BOCES campus and increase parking capacity. 

The Capital Project Vote will be held on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Room #2 at the Educational Services Center, 3599 Big Ridge Road, Spencerport, NY 14559. Anyone 18 or older who is a United States citizen living in the Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates Chili, Greece, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport or Wheatland-Chili school districts for at least 30 days prior to the vote date is eligible to vote.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CHECK IT OUT HERE.  



Time Magazine Trashes Teachers

On Monday, Nov 3, this cover will be in every supermarket checkout line and newstand across the country.  It is already online.  Time blames teachers for every problem in America's schools.  Feel sick to your stomach too??  Time magazine is not trying to foster a serious dialoge about solutions our schools need, it is intentionally creating controversy to sell more copies!!  SHAME on Time.  

Please tell Time's editors to apologize for this outrageous attack on America's teachers.  (click for link)


NYS Education Commissioner John King stepping down.  Rejoice?  Sure... but with reservations.  Find more info here.



Did You Know??  

A message from AFT Vice-President Mary Cathryn Ricker:

I used to buy all sorts of supplies for my seventh- and eighth-graders—from basics like pencils and notepads to materials that helped students see their own diversity represented in the room, in my classroom library and in my lessons. And, like millions of teachers, I paid for those supplies out of my own paycheck.

Our government may not adequately fund education yet, but last week, the House of Representatives actually passed a bipartisan bill that would extend the teacher tax deduction. This deduction allows teachers and other school professionals to deduct up to $250 per year from their taxes to help offset money spent to provide additional classroom supplies for students.

Now that the House has acted, it is time for the Senate to step up to the plate and finish the job. Urge your senators to extend the teacher tax deduction.

Many of these supplies, like books and paper, should be provided by schools but aren’t, because of ongoing austerity and budget cuts. We know that many teachers have spent their own money to help maintain a creative and engaging learning environment in the classroom. Those who have paid out of their own pockets for books, supplies, computer equipment, and other equipment and materials could greatly benefit from this deduction.

Urge your senators to pass this bill extending the teacher tax deduction before they leave for the upcoming holidays.

In unity,
Mary Cathryn Ricker
AFT Executive Vice President


HCSTA Is Styling!

That’s right, be on the lookout for new HCSTA apparel to wear around town and school!  A new logo is being designed and styles are being considered by the Executive Board.  What a GREAT way to remind the community HCSTA is made up of hard-working and caring professionals.    The apparel will be stylish and well tailored while signifying HCSTA unity when worn!  Further information will be announced by your building public relations representative in January.


Limited Openings Still Available For Teacher Certification Video Conference!

Wednesday's, December 3rd, Teacher Certification Video Conference.

You can also register for the following:

February 5, 2015 - Teaching Assistant Certification

March 12, 2015 - Teacher Certification

Use this link to register.



Union Support Requested for Officer Pierson Benevolent Event

The Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Police Locust Club have established the Officer Pierson Memorial Fund. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so at their authorized site.  

If you would like to send a card or letter to the family of Officer Pierson, please send them to:

The Family of Offcer Daryl Pierson
c/o The Rochester Police Locust Club, Inc.
1425 Lexington Avenue
Rochester, New York 14606


Fall 2014 Member Benefits E-Newsletter

I am proud to present to you the Fall 2014 issue of our quarterly Member Benefits E-Direct electronic newsletter.  I hope that you will find the content useful and ask that you pass this publication along to as many of your NYSUT contacts and members as possible.

Each issue of this electronic publication is put together with great thought and effort as we strive to ensure that we offer helpful hints and tips to our members -- an added benefit of NYSUT membership provided at no cost to NYSUT members.  We want all NYSUT members to know that membership in NYSUT provides access to a variety of Member Benefits-endorsed programs & services available exclusively to them and their families.

Please click the link below to view this e-newsletter.  The publication includes embedded links that will allow you to learn more about our various endorsed programs & services.



One of our goals at NYSUT Member Benefits is to reach the maximum number of members, and we have seen that we are most successful with that goal when people like you share our materials with colleagues and friends.  We continue to increase the number of members who are aware of the endorsed programs & services that we offer but still have great potential for growth in this area.

We are also pleased that the number of members who participate in our endorsed programs & services continues to grow each year; with your help in forwarding this email and e-newsletter link to your membership, we are confident that this growth will continue in the future as well.

Thank you for your continued support of NYSUT Member Benefits!

Warm regards,

Lynette A. Metz
Director, NYSUT Member Benefits Trust

CEO, NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation

Sick Bank

The sick bank has fallen below the minimum 150 day balance.  HCSTA is involved and value the process and guidelaines of the sick bank usage.  On Nov.21, each teacher will have .5 sick day deducted from accrual balance.  


Why Would Anyone Want to be a Teacher Today?

Today's teachers face an adverse political climate bent on undermining their professional status and blaming them for multiple ills while working for their job security and retirement benefits.  Are these reasons to stay away from this field or do they make becoming a teacher an even more urgent and compelling decision?  Join the conversation!!

Wednesday, November 5


Shultz Center , Forum Room

Nazareth College 

     (see flyer for additional details)

Important Message From Ellen Mancuso, the PAC Coordinator NYSUT Rochester Area

I have made thousands of calls for NYSUT to you, our members.  You have been nice to me, changed your mind with me, been rude and hung up on me.  Nevertheless, over the years I also hear from members that NYSUT shouldn't tell me what to do!  Think about it for a moment...

In the political arena, NYSUT's legislative wing thinks and breathes politics 24x7.  The are balancing what we say in our individual districts and expand it out to the big state political chessboard that it is.  We study and evaluate our candidates.  Our members want the union to protect their rights and the most important tool to do that is YOUR VOTE!  Politics are emothional and close to the heart, education and union benefits are not at the top of the list for most voters.  There is very big money in Rich Funke's campaign.  I am fighting for money for public schools, public colleges, our children and our labor rights.  What will you be voting for?  

If members want more information on Ted O'Brien, there is an interview on WXXI Connections with Evan Dawson you need to view.  

Let's Get Out the Vote!  Monroe County Democratic Headquarters

Saturday- Sunday- Monday- Tuesday:  November 1-4

Stop at MCDC at your convenience and participate in literature drops and going door to door OR spending an hour on the phone reminding people to vote!  Open 8 am to 10 pm.  

1150 University Ave. Building 5 (in the back)

Rochester, NY  14607


Call Ellen Mancuso at 585-705-6050 for additonal information

Rochester Labor Council Walks: Literature drop going to union households only.

Saturday and Sunday November 1 and 2

Starting at 9:30 am each day.  On Sunday they will be shooting a info-commercial with Louise Slaughter to get out the vote at 

UAW Hall

221 Dewey Avenue

Rocheester, NY  14608



Hilton Student Battles Rare Childhood Cancer

7th grader Raeanna Parson was recently diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Paraganglioma.  Surgery for the removal of the tumor is scheduled for Friday, October 31st. Please keep Raeanna in your thoughts and consider contributing to offset expenses for her family. 

Read more information from Rae's mom on the link.  For now Rae's family,"Looks forward to the day she will be able to go back to attending school like normal, play soccer and cheer without any complications.  Do not feel obligated to leave a donation although it would be much appreciated and go 100% towards Rae and her medical expenses.  Prayers are free and always accepted!"  

To help Rae and read updates, follow this link!


They Won't Be Buffaloed-Sabers Drawn!

A backlash has quickly mounted to the Buffalo School Board majority's "rammed-through" request last week that the state allow an unprecedented extra round of charter school porposals for the takeover of struggling city public schools.

More than 150 NYSUT members, community activists, parents, students and politicians stood near the steps of City Hall chanting and wearing signs with words, "Buffalo Public Schools YES!  Charter Schools NO!

Find more information here.

Check out this (<- link) great opportunity for gift giving:


One East Rochester Member's Response to Time's Article

Subject: Re: Time Magazine attacks teachers!

To whom it may concern,

It is extremely upsetting to see the cover of the next issue of Time magazine when it attacks an occupation that is an essential public service that directly impacts the Communities that the individuals are employed in.

Please consider the following: 

- Within the past five years there have been a number of teachers that have been killed doing their job in defense of students during school shootings.  Would you write and article attacking police officers? Rescue workers? 

-Teaching has the lowest pay for the amount of education required and these educators are often swimming in school loans to make, on average$41,000/year.  Compare that to the top education system on the planet (Finland) where teacher salaries average around $100,000/year more than in the United States.  These are not positions that a person signs on for light-heartedly.

-Your cover is wrong, It is not "nearly impossible" to fire bad teachers.  In fact there is, in every district, contract conditions that allow a teacher to be removed.  It is the district's choosing whether they wish to exercise these conditions.  It is a lengthy process but please consider that a teacher works under state practice that originate from politicians that have not steppped foot in the classroom since they were in high school.  They subscribe to practices brought on by private business that claim to have the latest and greatest techniques for education.  Common core is a perfect example.  Tenure allows a teacher to challenge administration and elected officials without fear of losing their livelihood.  Why? Because we are the ones in the classroom spending our time with the children that are data points to everyone else.  Including your publication.  Besides the apology to teachers, I wish to take this time to ask for you to apologize to every American student for treating them as soulless data while you're at it (The letter continues, use this link to finish reading it.)


Click HERE to read the remainder of the article.



Are You on the Path to Teacher or Teaching Assistant Certification?  Do You Have Any Questions?  Find the entire informational brochure HERE.





Election Support Needed- Let's Get Out the Vote!!

Come out and help HCSTA make phone calls for local candidates that support our students!!  Issues that are vital to our classroom must be corrected and legislators need to make those changes.  

Meet us at the Rochester NYSUT offices on Thursday,October 30th from 5-8pm to assist in an important phone drive.  You don't need to know details about the issues, scripts are supplied.  Please call Virginia Errico-Bourji at ext. 2349 to let her know you intend to help!  Wear your HCSTA t-shirt for solidarity!  

Get in On the Good Food:

The Good Food Collective is a year-round program providing individuals and families with access to this area's best local, sustainable food.  The Good Food Collective is a project of Headwater Foods, a Community Food Enterprise creating a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area.  They are committed to joining with others and working towards a more socially and environmentally just food system and the individual, social, economic and ecological health of our community.  

Sales of the Good Food Collective's fall share have been extended until Tuesday!  If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Thornton at Northwood, ext. 4516.




What is SWS?

Stand With Spencerport (SWS) began when teachers at Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, NY, spoke out about the confdentiality agreements they were required to sign by the State Education Department (SED) when administering and scoring the 2014 Grades 3--8 ELA and Math exams.  In an April 2014 petition mailed to Governor Cuomo, Commissioner King, Chancellor Tisch, and the Board of Regents, the teachers at Cosgrove voiced their frustrations that the gag-order was absurd, offensive, and misaligned with best teaching practices.

What Gag-Order?

Annual testing in ELA and Math for students in Grades 3--8 is nothing new...  However, in the past, educators could use state exams to inform and improve district curriculum and classroom instruction.  In 2014, teachers and administrators were required to sign confidentiality agreements barring them from discussing anything about the assessments with their colleagues, with students, or with parents.  Here is a summary:

  • Students in third through eighth grade sat for six days of testing- three days in ELA and three days in math.
  • Districts hired substitute teachers while classroom teachers spent several days scoring each exam.
  • Educators who discussed anything- questions, student responses, rubrics, etc. -- would be violating a policy that threatened to revoke their teaching license in NYS.
Are SWS Educators Against Testing? 
Absolutely not.  As educators, we rely on assessments to tell us what our students know and what they are able to do.  Teachers use assessment results to plan and guide our instruction.  Principals use assessment results to determine overall areas of success and weakness.  Administered and scored under a gag-order, the 2014 Math and ELA exams do not fulfill any of the above purposes of assessment.  
Visit their website to learn more!

Ted O'Brien

Union Members Make a Difference!!

Join fellow members for a labor walk out of Ted O'Brien's house:

120 Thurlow Avenue, Rochester, NY  14609


Saturdays at 9:30 am

  • October 4
  • October 18
  • October 25
  • November 1

Find out more about Ted O'Brien's platform in the Elections file under important documents. 

This is a very tough race and HCSTA needs you to support Ted! 

A MOOT COURT HEARING (and public discussion) 

"Is the Common Core Good for Public Schools?"

Tuesday September 23, 7:00 pm, East High School Forum Room

FREE & Open to the public!

Part of "A Community-Wide Discussion of Issues in Public Education" Project sponsored in part by Writers & Books, University of Roichester, Roberts Wesleyan College, Nazareth College, Rochester Teachers Association and Coalition for Justice in Education. 

A wide variety of key education figures in the Rochester area will be present.


Making Strides Volunteers Needed!

Join fellow NYSUT members in the fight against breast cancer on Sunday, Oct 19th, 10 at Frontier Field!  Just a few hours of your time will make a big difference!   See Martha Burke at the high school for further details or visit the Hilton Team (Hilton Central TA) website to donate!! 

Who Do We Endorse??  NYSUT Supports:

Statewide Offices:

Governor- No endorsement!!!  (NYSUT and NYS AFL-CIO)

**Comptroller- Thomas DiNapoli (D-WR-I) Incumbent

** Attorney General- Eric Schneiderman (D-WF-I) Incumbent

Senate District:

SD 54 Michael Nozzolio (R-C-I)

SD 55 Ted O'Brien (D-WF) Incumbent

SD 56 Joseph Robach (R-C-I)

SD 57 Catherine Young (R-C-I)

SD 58 Thomas O'Mara (R-C-I)

SD 59 no endorsement

SD 61 Elaine Altman (D-WF)

SD 62 Johnny Destino (D)


AD 130 Bob Oaks (R)

AD 131 Brian  Kolb (R-C)

AD 132 Phillip Palmesano (R-C-I)

AD 133 No endorsement

AD 134 No endorsement

AD 135 Mark Johns (R-WF-C) Incumbent

AD 136 Joseph Morelle (D-I)

AD 137 No endorsement

AD 138 Harry Bronson (D-WF-I) Incumbent


CD 23 Martha Robertson (D-WF)

CD 24 Dan Maffei, Incumbent

CD 25 Louise Slaughter, Incumbent

CD 27 No endorsement