May 26th, 2017


Engaging in Learning and Laughter

with Ms. Craney 

2016 - 2017

Starting May 22, I will be out and returning to school on Wed, May 31st. Please communicate with the substitute using notes. I am not able to forward emails to her. If something comes up during the day, contact the office and they will get the information to her. (A note was sent home about this.)

Upcoming Dates in May and June

5/26     Half day for students AND Colonial Day! In case your child didn't give you the letter that went home about this, it is attached below.

5/29     No school

5/30     School Wide Walk - wear sneakers

5/31    New York Science Test - Hands On! Most students find this to be a fun assessment. (If you sent in a note that your child will not be taking all state tests, they will not participate in this. Please send them to school as you usually do though as it does not start until 10:00 am. This assessment is short and is timed.)

6/5    New York Science Test This is a brief multiple choice science assessment.


6/12 Track Meets - wear PURPLE

6/14 Field trip to Helmer's Nature Center and... wear red, white, and blue for Flag Day

6/16 Spirit Day - Wear orange!

This year’s Spirit Day is June 16th.  This is an all-day event celebrating the Village ES community.  Students are able to participate in fun activities, listen to music during outdoor lunch, and play in bounce houses.  With all these great activities comes the need for extra support.  If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Stephanie Schaufelberger by June 9th via email or 392-1000 *5198. 


What Have We Been Up To in Fourth Grade?

* We are focusing on opinions and argumentative writing. We are reading opinion pieces about spinners and will be writing our opinions. Students are beginning to understand how facts can be used to support their opinions.

* In math we are in a new unit on more complex multiplication and division. We are not memorizing steps. We are ensuring that the work we do makes sense. By always referring to a story, students should be able to explain what their work means in relationship to the story. Several students are using the area model (or open array) where they break the two digit x two digit problem into easier pieces.

**Is our math annoying you because it may not match the way you learned it? Click on the tab to the left that says: Math - Number and Operation Concepts. These visuals and explanations are always meaning driven and connect to what students understand.

* In SS, we are learning how conflict has had an impact on how we live in New York today. We have started another technology project about the Revolutionary War.

* We are actively engaged in our science stations. These involve the erosion, problem solving with simple machines, and magnetism. We are utilizing websites to stay engaged in our learning.

 ** If you have questions about your school pictures, please call School Pictures directly at 544-2610.

Check out all the new pictures of: math, science, ELA, buddies, and fun!!

Hey! Push yourself. Before just reading possible responses, say what you think an acceptable and impressive response is before reading.

1) How many numbers do you need for a fraction? A fraction actually IS a number. Think of it like this: if you can show the amount with one spot on a number line... it IS a number. 

2) What does the denominator mean? Like Mari says, "It's the number of equal size pieces that make up one whole!" It tells us how big the pieces are.

3)  Does 1/2 + 1/2 = 2/4? Nope! If you have one half of an apple and another half of an apple, you have one whole apple. You really just cut one apple into two equal size pieces. 2/4 is actually the same amount as 1/2 so it really doesn't make sense that they could be the same!

4) When the denominator increases, what happens to the size of the pieces? As the denominator increases, it means that we need MORE equal size pieces to make one whole thing. That means that the pieces will get smaller. If you got 1/4 of an apple, you would have less apple than if you got 1/2 of the same apple. However... be sure that you are comparing the same whole. 

Think about money. If we have 1/100 of a dollar it would be a penny. We would need 100 of them! Each penny is worth 1 cent, which isn't very much. If we have 1/10 of a dollar, that would be a dime. A dime is worth more than a penny. (A dime's value is actually 10 times the value of a penny.)

5) Can 1/4 be more than 1/2? 1/4 of an apple is less than 1/2 of the same apple. HOWEVER... 1/4 can be more than 1/2. We have to think of what the whole it. Is 1/4 of an hour more and 1/2 a second? Is 1/4 of a cookie cake more than 1/2 of a regular size cookie? We always need to compare the fraction to what it is we are talking about.

Check out our principal's blog for helpful tips and information about important opportunities and events for our kids.

We loved our author visit! Some students made a poster of the main character from The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. There are more photos!!

Take a moment to challenge your thinking while reading the Girls' Empowered Magazine. And... you should recognize a couple of the contributing authors!


We loved having the opportunity to participate in Cadet Connect. Students from Merton Williams joined us for an hour. We engaged in activities together, learned some Hilton trivia, learned about IB traits, and got to learn a little about what middle school is like.

Our class had a little celebration as we finished The Lemonade War. Some students are looking into reading the sequels! And I was so thrilled that everyone was in school that day, so we have a full class picture!


 Things to do around this area: The Bird Kingdom is just over the border. They have great things there, including bats. There is an amazing room that is open with birds in flight. I am in awe every time I go. You can save a little money if you buy the tickets on line at their website.  We also have two bird banding stations that are open to the public (which is fairly rare). One is for songbirds and one is for birds of prey. It is really interesting. It is an up close look at how science and math are used in real life. At the songbird one, they may even let you carry the bags with the birds when they go on runs to collect them from the nets. These do not operate in the middle of the summer though. It is so interesting how they can determine the age of birds by checking skull development with light! The birds of prey one is pretty wild. They actually lure the birds in and put the birds of prey in cans for their safety so they can gather data about the birds. The people there are mostly volunteers and they are happy to answer any questions. All free!  Have you been to Seneca Falls? I was there a bit ago and there are a lot of new things since I have been there. An interesting look into history!

 Letchworth is beautiful place - lots of hiking and opportunities for fun and learning! Have you been to Mendon Ponds? It is also a wonderful place to go. Bring seed with you. You can hold it out in your hands and birds will literally eat out of your hand! Wild Wings is also located there. They do educational programming about wildlife and their animals are there. More info is on the site.

  For my former students... I kept all of the website links that you are used to using under Useful Links for Primary at the left.

We will learn a game called Garbage and teach it to our little buddies. You can use regular playing cards (minus the jacks, queens, and kings) or number cards below.


 garbage board

Attached are the Number Cards that you can use to play Garbage if you want!  Students will learn how to play Dot Compare in class.  You can print them out and play at home with your child as well!  If you have colored paper (or even cardstock) that would work best so you can't see the numbers through the cards.

e-mail Ms. Craney

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Welcome to fourth grade!! Attached is the summer letter that was sent home. I have extra folders and notebooks up for grabs in our room if anyone wants some for class!