April 18th, 2014

A View into Our Fifth Grade Classroom

with Ms. Craney 



Rube Goldberg Fair!!

Our Rube Goldberg Fair will be on Friday, May 9th starting at 8:45 am. Please see the two attached items for all of the details. These have already been given to all fifth graders. 


What's hot off the presses?

Please see the box above this one that contains all the information that you need to know about our upcoming Rube Goldberg Fair!

What we have been doing:

Reading- We are exploring Module 4: Integration of ideas. In this module we are gathering information from multiple sources and linking them through common ideas! This has included poetry, fairytales, and non-fiction. We will be reading about more debatable issues.

Writing - We are researching bike helmet safety. We are gathering our own information from multiple sources, taking a stance, and then supporting our arguments with specific details from the texts and other sources. Students are learning how to effectively plan and write these extended responses. Utilizing specific details as well as quoting from a resource is being emphasized.

Math - We should now understand addition and subtraction of decimals! Ask your child how a dress shirt can help them with this! We will now be exploring multiplication and division with decimals. Estimation will be an important skill to help us check that our answers are reasonable. The Tenmarks.com link has been added under Useful Links. You will have a weekly assignment (due Sunday night). You should never submit a score less than 70% because you can fix your work, get hints, and watch helpful videos on the site.

Science - Our Energy unit is quite exciting! We are continuing to do a lot of activities and experiments to help us understand. Students were given the ending (summative) assessment information for this unit. Each student will be creating a Rube Goldberg device and explain how it relates to the different kinds of energy. There are TONS of examples in our useful links.

Word study - We are learning the importance of learning concepts and patterns so we can apply them to any words that we are spelling. Our next assessment will be the week after April break.

Individuals and Society - We are learning about the history of Mexico and how our lives now relate to customs and traditions from the past. 

Are you wondering how your child's math work will be scored? We will be using a 4 point rubric, where a 3 is meeting the benchmark. Go under useful documents to the left to see a description of each level. Your child also has this rubric saved in their iBooks app. This is how math scores will be reported on the district report card as well.

 For our website, we will play spot the typo! The first student to spot a typo on this website (not on websites that are linked) and tells me what and exactly where the mistake is first (via email or note) gets a stamp in their passport, an item from the prize box, or piece of candy! Your choice! (Hint - there are a few on the site right now. Happy searching!) We have already have had thirty winners!

There is a link to our principal's blog and a great science resource under Useful Links (to the left)! Also under Useful Links, are Mr. VanEpps' and Mrs. Humphreys' website and the district calendar.

  For my former students... I kept all of the website links that you are used to using under Useful Links for Primary at the left.

We miss you already, Aiden!

I am very excited to be teaching at Village Elementary again this year. This will be my seventeenth year teaching in the Hilton School District, my fifth year in Village. This will be my eighth year teaching fifth grade. I love how students this age understand jokes! I also love how fifth graders think creatively, can problem solve, and express themselves in so many ways.  

I enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced when I have travelled. (For those of you looking for the mistake, travelled can be spelled that way, and it can also be spelled as traveled. Keep looking!) This summer I went to Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) with my mother. We went on lots of game drives and saw lions, elephants, three kinds of giraffes, jackals, and just about anything you can imagine. We were really lucky to see a hyena, cheetah, and... a leopard. We got to see a caracal, a wild cat, hunt and capture a large rodent. Yikes! I can't wait to share photos with you!

If you want to share any experiences that you have had with the class, please be sure to let me know.

We learned a game called Garbage. You can use regular playing cards (minus the jacks, queens, and kings) or Compare cards below.  We taught this math game to our first grade buddies!


 garbage board

Attached are the Compare Cards that you can use to play Garbage if you want!  Students will learn how to play Dot Compare in class.  You can print them out and play at home with your child as well!  If you have colored paper (or even cardstock) that would work best so you can't see the numbers through the cards.

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