This web page is designed for you to learn about the Counseling Department at Northwood Elementary School. You will find links to helpful information and be informed about the services provided through the Northwood Counseling Department .

During the 2014-15 school year, Mrs. Pignagrande is assigned to children in second, fourth and sixth grades and also those who are in Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Roethel and Mrs. Clark's kindergarten classes.  Mrs. Pellman is assigned to children in first, third and fifth grade as well as Mrs. Clasgens, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Plucknette's kindergarten classes.  Please note:  After first grade, the counselor remains with the same children as they progress to the next grade level.

Services Provided

Group Counseling - these opportunities are offered to all children in the school who can benefit from small group interactions focusing on social and emotional growth through interpersonal relationships. Groups typically run for 10 weeks and tend to focus on a particular topic.  

Individual Counseling - is provided to children who need more intensive social or emotional support in school.  These meetings are once a week for 30 minutes.  These sessions are short term and solution focused. If more intensive service is required a child will be referred for counseling outside of the school day. 

Classroom Lessons - the counselor delivers classroom lessons to children at all grade levels.  Topics include making and keeping friends, identifying and expressing feelings, enhancing self esteem, developing empathy, dealing with stress and anxiety, teaching test taking, problem solving and organizational strategies, accepting responsibility and developing character traits.

How can my child receive counseling in school?

Children are referred for counseling through teacher or parent request.  Teachers are approached on several occasions throughout the school year and asked to recommend children whom they think can benefit from small group or individual counseling. An informational letter and permission slip will be sent home with students who have been recommended by their teacher.  The group counseling process is repeated twice during each school year.  Other groups may also be formed to address needs that arise. 

Students may be referred for individual counseling at any time during the school year.  The counselor and others will determine the best type of support for each student.  Students typically meet with the counselor for 30 minutes per week.

How can I find out about what my child is doing in counseling?

It is very important to keep the lines of communication open so families know what is being done during counseling sessions so these efforts can be reinforced at home.  It is however very difficult to maintain weekly communication simply because of the number of children who are supported through this program.  You are encouraged to ask your child about what they are working on during these meetings.  The best means of communication is through e-mail; send Mrs. Pellman or Mrs. Pignagrande a note and she will be sure to get back to you with an update  about your concern. 


Contact Information 

Click here to e-mail Mrs. Pignagrande

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Or you may contact the Support Services Secretary, Linda Koenig at 392-1000 ext. 4517

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