December 12th, 2017

Welcome to the
Hilton Central
Health Offices Website.

The health and well-being of your children is our priority.
Guidelines are provided to help parents
make informative decisions.

Meet the school nurses and health aides:


Cheryl Macklem & Nancy Schoenweitz

Hilton High School
Phone: 392-1000  Fax:  392-1051

Cheryl Macklem, R.N.  
ext. 2247  Click here to email Ms. Macklem. 

Nancy Schoenweitz, R.N. 
District Float Nurse
ext. 2244
Click here to email
Ms. Schoenweitz.

Direct all high school attendance calls to ext. 2246.


Merton Williams Middle School
Phone:  392-1000  Fax:   392-1054

Cheri Schwind, R.N. (right) 
ext. 3193  Click here to email Mrs. Schwind.

Eileen Hagen Health Aide
ext. 3151  Click here to email Mrs. Hagen.


QUEST Elementary
Phone:  392-1000  Fax:   392-1065

Ann Sanger, R.N.
ext.  6155  Click here to email Mrs. Sanger.

Terry Lotz, Health Aide
ext.  6153  Click here to email Mrs. Lotz. 


Village Elementary
Phone:  392-1000  Fax:   392-1012

Brit Brattlie, R.N. (right)
ext.  5104 Click here to email Mrs. Brattlie.

Kim Giacolone, Health Aide
ext.  5199  Click here to email Mrs. Giacolone.

Angie Grasso & Mary Mason

Northwood Elementary School 
Phone:  392-1000  Fax:  392-1026

Angie Grasso, R.N.
ext. 4512  Click here to email Mrs. Grasso.

Mary Mason Health Aide  
ext. 4601  Click here to email Mrs. Mason.