October 21st, 2017

Welcome to the

Merton Williams Counseling Website


Our counseling department is dedicated to providing social, emotional, and academic support for middle school age students to enhance their student achievement in order to maximize the potential of the individual learner. We aim to provide quality support and work together with students' teams including parents/guardians as a vital part of the team.


Please feel free to contact the counseling department with any social, emotional or academic questions/concerns you have at (585) 392-1000.


ERIKA GREENE, ext. 3197   egreene@hilton.k12.ny.us

BETH LETTERS, ext. 3196 bletters@hilton.k12.ny.us

KRISTEN PIGNAGRANDE, ext. 3198 kpignagrande@hilton.k12.ny.us



JOANNE SHEARN,  ext. 3192  jshearn@hilton.k12.ny.us



CATIE TORTARELLA,  ext. 3195  ctortarella@hilton.k12.ny.us



KRISTI TRAVERS,  ext 3095  ktravers@hilton.k12.ny.us



ROB WATKINS,  ext. 3194  rwatkins@hilton.k12.ny.us


Why Middle School Counselors

Today’s young people are living in an exciting time, with an increasingly diverse society, new technologies, and expanding opportunities. With the unique challenges they face during adolescence, a time of rapid growth and change, every student can benefit from support, guidance, and opportunities. See below for the extensive list of support offered at Merton Williams.


How to get Involved

Merton Williams Middle School Counselors begin the year by going into all classrooms to introduce the counseling program and available services.  Students have the opportunity indicate what counseling services they are interested in by filling out a counseling needs assessment form.  From there, each student that indicates interest in counseling support will be individually met with by their counselor.

If you would like your son or daughter to participate in our counseling program through groups or individual meetings, please let us know. We welcome your input on your child’s counseling needs.  


Support Areas Covered

o academic stress/pressure

o learning disabilities

o anger management      

o family concerns

o ADD/ADHD management

o career planning

o depression

o dealing with bullies

o stress/anxiety/worries  

o making friends

o dealing with cliques/peer pressure    

o how I feel about myself  

o getting along with friends

o grief & loss

o self or family alcohol or drug abuse     

o separation/divorce

o building healthy relationships  

o eating concerns


 Students may also write in their concern on the needs assessment if it does not fit one of the above categories.

For more information on adolescent supports check out our online resources through the links on the left sidebar!