May 27th, 2016

Hilton Central School District Board of Education

The Hilton Central School District is governed by a seven-member Hilton Board of Education elected by eligible voters of the district. Members are volunteer public officials who serve, without pay, for three-year terms. As elected representatives of district residents and as officers of the State of New York, board members must carry out duties required by the State Legislature, the Board of Regents and the State Commissioner of Education. The board establishes policies for the operation of the district and the superintendent of schools carries out these policies.

The Board of Education meets at 7 p.m. generally the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month in the board conference room in the West Avenue/Quest Elementary School Building, 225 West Avenue, Hilton, NY 14468. This is an open meeting and the public is encouraged to attend. Hilton Board of Education meeting agendas are prepared the Friday before the Tuesday Board meeting.  Agendas are available on this web page.


Aggie Seneway 


36 East Wautoma Beach 

Hilton, NY  14468


(585) 392-7438

Term Ends: June 2017


Barbara Cutrona

Vice President

817 MacIntosh Drive 

Rochester, NY  14626


(585) 225-2018

Term  Ends:  June 2016


Thomas Abbott

44 Carrington Street

Rochester, NY14468


(585) 319-3163

Term Ends: June 2018


Michelle Ames
193 Lake Avenue
Hilton, NY  14468
) 749-5059
Term Ends: June 2016


Timothy Gagnon

21 Klafehn Drive

Hilton, NY  14468


(585) 727-3418

Term Ends:  June 2017


Mark Hilburger
380 White Rabbit Trail
Rochester, NY 14612
) 490-4953
Term Ends: June 2016


Nancy Pickering

97 Frisbee Hill Road

Hilton, NY  14468


(585) 392-0186

Term Ends: June 2016


Click here to email District Clerk Julie Norris


Letters to and questions about the Board of Education can be addressed to Julie Norris, district clerk, at 225 West Avenue, Hilton, NY 14468. The district clerk can also be reached by phone at (585) 359-1000, ext. 7099.