From the desk of the Principal:


 Greetings parents. 

The last month of school is upon us and there is a great deal happening at HHS.  Please review this entire newsletter for important end-of-the year dates and information.  As always, please contact high school staff members directly if you have any questions.

 Please check the exam schedule (included in this newsletter) and discuss study and review plans with your son/daughter to make sure he/she is as organized and prepared as possible.  Our final exam schedule starts Monday, June 16th and runs through June 25th.  Students will not have classes on those days and should only report to school when they have an exam.  As in previous years, bus transportation will be available and students should be signing up for busses in Assistant Principals’ offices on each floor.  Also, our food service does not serve breakfast or lunch during exam days, so students should plan accordingly.  Commons 2 will have vending machines available and students will be allowed to use that area to gather and eat food that they’ve brought from home. 

 I also want to remind parents of the importance of students being in attendance this time of year, including our seniors.  In most cases (full-year classes), 40% of a student’s grade for a course occurs in the 4th quarter.  With the last marking period and final exam counting 20% each, this is an important time to be in school and concentrating on academics.  Thank you parents for making sure your son/daughter comes to school each day prepared and ready to learn new information and review for finals.

 June brings about many important and exciting activities and events; with final exams (Common Core Regents exams in Algebra and ELA on June 3rd), Bravo Night (Monday, June 2nd), banquets, and concerts to highlight a few.  However, none is as significant as our commencement ceremony for our graduating seniors on June 28th at the SERC on the campus of SUNY Brockport.  Graduation is an entire district and community celebration, not just a high school event.  Commencement provides a time for us all to reflect on all that has gone into the thirteen years of school for each student.  To the parents of our graduating class of 2014, I say congratulations and thank you.  Your support, encouragement, and of course unconditional love has been the consistent element through all these years of schooling.  You deserve to be honored too!

 I would also like to offer my greetings to the parents of our current eighth graders; soon to be high school freshmen (Class of 2018).  We look forward to having your child at the high school and to meeting you very soon.  I encourage you to stay involved in your child’s education throughout the high school years and to visit our school often.  The school will be open all summer, please stop in and see us.  July and August will be busy months filled with preparations and plans to get ready to start another great year at Hilton High School in September.

Thanks for supporting Hilton HS all year.  Have a great summer!


Brian Bartalo; Hilton HS Principal













The HS Parent Newsletter is now being e-mailed home as well as published on this site, it will no longer be mailed.  If you want a hard copy, one will be available in the HS Main Office, you can have your student stop by and pick it up.  If you do not have a current e-mail listed on your childs records, please e-mail HSParents leaving your e-mail address along with your student(s) name.  We will update our records.

Thank you!

Change of Family Information


If your family's address, home phone number, cell numbers, work phone numbers, email addresses, or any other information pertaining to your family situation changes or needs updating, please call Linda Maslyn in the Counseling Office, 392-1000, ext. 2053.  Proof of residency is required for any change of address. Addresses will not be changed until proof of residency is confirmed.  Keeping your family information current helps to ensure that you receive any information that is mailed out during the school year.


Central Registration

New students to our district will need to register at our Census Office located at 225 West Ave., Hilton, NY. Parents will need to provide student's original birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency, custody or guardianship papers and address of the last school attended.  Student's report card and any special education services received by the student are helpful, if available.  Please call Dawn Blodgett at 392-1000, ext. 7031 with questions regarding registration or to have a registration packet mailed to you.