Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last April, members of the Merton Williams School Improvement Team embarked on the process of facilitating the creation of a vision statement for our school.  A vision statement can help stakeholders create a shared understanding of what is important to an organization and guide high-level goals for the future.  A vision statement is concise, easy to recall, and represents an organization’s purpose and aspirations.  Developing a vision statement was one of the actions included in Merton Williams’ school improvement goals relating to the implementation of the IB’s Middle Years Programme. The original idea came from a recommendation by International Baccalaureate that we create a vision for the school that reflects both the IB philosophy and the districts vision and mission.

After reviewing research on creating a vision statement and examining many different types of vision statements from schools and businesses, SIT established a process to collect input from staff, parents, and students.  We wanted to know what stakeholder groups thought the purpose of middle school education was, what they presently valued about Merton Williams, and what they wanted our students to have when they leave Merton Williams.  We collected this information in the spring and early fall and devised a strategy to distill it down into a manageable form to write the actual vision statement. What emerged from the input were four common themes that reflect our values and aspirations:

1. Middle school structure – teaming, looping and developmental responsive programs that create a family atmosphere.

2. Academics – creating life-long learners through a rigorous instructional program that teaches students preparedness and perseverance.

3. Transitions – middle school is the transition from elementary school to high school and beyond.

4. Character and Citizenship – helping our students become respectful, responsible, open-minded citizens in a global society.

From these four themes emerged our vision: 

Merton Williams is the students’ bridge to becoming knowledgeable, character-driven, globally-minded young adults.

The MW School Improvement Team believes this vision captures and encompasses each of the four themes and  reflects what members of our school community want our students to be as a result of attending Merton   Williams.  It is aligned with the district’s vision as well as IB’s philosophy.  Moving forward, we will use this vision to guide all decisions we make in order to provide your child the best middle-level education possible.  Our immediate goal is to publicize the Merton Williams vision within the school community so that all stakeholders are familiar with it and in time, know it by heart.

I want to thank the 179 parents who participated in the parent survey and thank all of you for your continued support of Merton Williams!  

Sincerely, Tim Dobbertin, Principal 

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