November 22nd, 2017

Hilton High School, Hilton Central School District

The 8:1:1 class is designed to help students who have had difficulties in the High School behaviorally.  Each class has no more than eight students with a teacher and a teaching assistant.  Students see the Social Worker once a week for 30 minutes individually or on an as needed basis in times of crisis.  Students in the 8:1:1 class, take Math, English and Social Studies, and are mainstreamed for Health, Science, Physical Education, and other electives.  This program has a strong focus on individual educational needs to assist the student in meeting New York State Standards and achieve a High School Diploma. 

Students in the 8:1:1 class, are expected to comply with the following procedures in the classroom and around the building.  

· Stay on Task

· Arrive to class on time

· Use Socially Acceptable Language

· Respect Others

· Follow the Teachers Directions Immediately

Students who follow the above procedures earn and are rewarded with good grades, praise, and more privileges.  Students who fail to meet these expectations receive interventions depending on frequency and severity, which range from classroom management techniques, counseling, being sent to the hall, Time Out, In-School Suspension, out of school suspension, and or being escorted to and from classes.  We apply these strategies with the best interest of the student in mind, while striving to instill a sense of good character, for personal responsibility and in being a productive individual as well as life long learners. 


     In August 2003, I purchased enough handheld computers for my students in my classroom.  Through the use of handheld computers I have been able to truly achieve one of my long held beliefs and goals; which is to have 1:1 computing and allow students to bring technology to where they are working as opposed to bringing their work to the technology. Click on the picture below to go to my handheld computer page.
Information on handheld computers in high schools

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