December 12th, 2017

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Welcome to the website of Mr. Ruekberg's Creative Writing and Journalism classes. 

Creative Writing is primarily a workshop class.  Students are given exercises which encourage them to explore a variety of approaches to the art of writing. Some of these are more formal, such as practice in various poetic forms.  Some are more open, such as using prompts to generate whatever material occurs to the student in whatever form -- poetry, fiction, memoir, cartoon, and so forth. 

Students then take some of the work generated in these exercises and prepare them for readers.  In workshop groups they use a process developed by Ellen Bryant Voigt called "descriptive analysis." 

In the typical workshop process, writers pick apart others' work, or make broad statements of approval.  In effect, they try to rewrite or "improve" each other's work.  The method of descriptive analysis is to do what students do when they read and discuss literature in class: describe what's there, how it works, and what its effect is. 

Through this process, the writer learns where his or her writing works best as readers describe passages that worked on them.  Passages that are flat or confusing reveal themselves in contrast.  Thus, writers learn not through painful criticism or inflated praise, but through description of the writing as writing.

The final project in the class is an online portfolio, which each student has created here in the websites you can visit in the navigation bar to the left (Creative Writing: Spring, 2008 and Fall, 2008).




Journalism is a lab class in which students study the basics of journalism, and apply what they learn to the creation of an online publication.  The purpose of this site is to furnish items of interest pertaining to life at Hilton High School, whether inside or outside its walls.

Past Journalism classes published the online newspaper, The Hilton View in classes taught by Mr. Blake, Ms. Penna, Mr. Ruekberg, and Mr. Emerson.  Their work is collected in the Archives (see link to the left). 

The current Journalism class publishes The Cadet Gazette , in a class taught by Mr. D'Amico.  Click this link to visit their publication!

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