November 24th, 2017

The reflection assignment for painting students. Use the images to the left with the provided article from Scholastic Art to help answer the question with a short paragraph. USE COMPLETE SENTENCES when writing.                        

After reading the article from Scholastic Art, “The Artist’s Bounty,” tell me which of the 4 paintings in the article you feel your painting is the most like. Compare them in at least 2 ways, using vocabulary from our unit and the article to support your comparisons.

Welcome to Mr. Smith's home on the web.
Ladies and gentlemen ...
its art time.

This is my home on the web, and a resource for the students of my Middle School classes. Please, take some time to see what we've done, and as always, be creative!

Here you will find examples of student work, from paintings and drawings to photos of sculptures. Paint, pencil, clay, it's all here folks.

Here you see an acrylic painting created by an 8th grade student.

The educator himself, in his younger days, and needing a haircut.

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