K-6 at the Village



In Art we...

(NYS Learning Standards for the Arts)

1. Create! We use our whole brain and all of our senses to imagine, observe, express, apply, design, and produce images and forms that communicate our ideas.

2. Learn! We learn how to create using many materials, techniques and processes. We learn about art careers, and opportunities and resources in our community.

3. Critique. We learn to "read" the language of art, and discover how to observe, interpret and evaluate it.

4. Appreciate! We explore artworks from artists of various times and places. We gain some understanding of their culture and how their art was influenced by time and place.

Please browse this site to see the extrordinary student artwork in Student Galleries. Parents will find answers to their commonly asked questions about Art classes in "Art Info." Kids can find fun activities, pictures, and artist information in "Neat Links".


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