Regents & IB 11   

Mr. Brooke-Gay

Mrs. Murphy

Welcome to chemistry.  Click here to find out how to connect to the classroom moodle site

Materials Required for the 2013-2014 school year:

  • 1 composition notebook
  • 13 two-pocket folders  with 10-15 pages of looseleaf paper in each one and your name on the front of each folder. (Bring all to school – teacher will store them for each unit)
  • 1 box tissues, pens, pencils
  • calculator (a scientific NON-GRAPHING calculator is needed for the regents exam)

Welcome to Chemistry!

This page explains all about Hilton High School's Regents and IB Chemistry 11 courses and provides copies of all class handouts. Check out our class MOODLE for many more support materials and resources. If you would like access to the MOODLE, please contact your child's teacher for an access code and instructions.  Thank you!

Mr. Michael Brooke-Gay & Mrs. Trudy Murphy

Hilton High School

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Our Classroom Community

1. Positive Attitude

2. Confidence

3. Individuality

4. Willingness

5. Effort

6. Perseverance

7. Respect

8. Acceptance

9. Encouragement

10. Empathy