December 12th, 2017

This site has been created for Hilton's K-6 students, parents, and guardians.

Sites have been carefully selected and described. For students, they are organized with the tabs on the left for primary (generally K-3) and intermediate (3-6).

We are also providing information and resources. 

Below is a clear and comprehensive video, titled Why We Need the Common Core, that explains the enormous paradigm shift for math instruction and learning for our wide range of our students.  It is part of a website from Stanford University, designed to educate, support and inspire teachers and parents in the area of math.

So much has been said in the media about the Common Core standards. Some is accurate and some is not. This is an interesting article that gives background information on why changes were made.

 Here, fifth grade students compare different strategies. They work to understand them, explain them, and work efficiently.

Summer can be an important time for students to explore mathematic topics of interest, to refine the past year’s learning and prepare for the next. Through summer work families can share in activities that support students' growing understanding of mathematics.  

Summer learning should provide opportunities for students to: 

· review and practice past work 

· develop and solidify mathematical understandings 

· inquire into topics of interest 

· prepare for upcoming math learning

Open the attachment below for the specifics!