November 23rd, 2017
Can you make up a story to go with this picture?

A Walk Through Our Woods

Mrs. Carlson's Class

Village Elementary School

Hilton, NY

Top 'O The Mornin!

Welcome! This site is for Mrs. Carlson's Cubs. It is also for mama and/or daddy bears. Classroom updates are occasionally posted in What's New on the Forest Floor. Check out our latest adventure by clicking on Carebear News and Other Monkey Business Podcast link.  It will allow your family to listen to the students reporting news and other cool stuff that happened in Spring 2006! I will also be doing podcasting with your children this year and we will be starting in December.   If you go to the Forest Photo Album, you can find student photos to showcase classroom learning adventures. Fish around in Lake Question and Answer and you may catch just the right current! The Reading Den houses downloads of the strategies taught at each reading level so you can better help your child at home. While you are here, take a walk down the Educational Share Pathway. It posts the dates for your child's "share day." You may find the Forest Meeting Place. Here, you can look up the date of our scheduled parent-teacher conference. Time of the conference is not included. In the brush, you will find other useful resources by clicking on Helpful Nooks in Other Woods. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy your nature walk through our forest pathways!


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