December 12th, 2017

2009-2010 Officers and Advisors

President: Kyle Coleman

Vice President: Maggie Bisig 

Secretary: Allison Herbert

Treasurer:  Kara Engle  

Advisors: Miss Houghton  and Ms. Hurysz

If you need to contact one of the advisors, click on their name above to send an email.

There will be an updated copy of the "Points List" on the NHS bulletin board across from Commons 3.  See Allison Herbert if you have any questions. Thanks!

On the points sheet, if you have "XXX" in the "Needed Points" column, that means you have completed your points for the current year.  Remember, the "Needed Points" column lists the number of points you need to get BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR!  Every time you volunteer, points will be subtracted from this column.  See Allison Herbert if you have any questions!

*You must have 50 points total for each year you are a member. (Students who are members both junior and senior year will need a total of 100 points at the end of their senior year, while students who become a member in senior year only need 50.)
*Each hour of volunteering is worth 5 points.
*Meetings are worth 2 points each.
*You MUST have at least 7 hours or 35 points from inside activities, which are activities organized by NHS.
*You MAY have 3 hours or 15 points from outside activities. You can do as many as you want, but ONLY 3 hours will be counted towards the required hours.
*All of your points may be inside points; outside points are optional.
*There will be a 5 POINT DEDUCTION from your total points for any activity that you sign up for and do not attend (without notifying someone beforehand.)